Tonight’s Game Denver Broncos at Kansas City Chiefs

Tonight at Coming-Home-Early o’clock we have Denver Broncos at the Kansas City Chiefs, so Daniel decided to play this on Madden 13 this morning – because we will be out at a gig tonight. Bit of a poor show really because he lost 3-0. So, along with the “Ah take that you bastards” here is why this is a bit poor…

Basically as I said, it involved a lot of really manly falling over, but that’s because a “normal” score would be like 17-10, like last year. So it’s 6 points for a touchdown, all you have to do it run to the end, you don’t even have the big dramatic throwing yourself on the floor like in Rugby, you just run over the line and Gangnam Style it across the crowd.

Then they can try and kick it though the bars, just like Rugby, but here it’s called a try. The bravest player of them all holds the ball on the floor, while Matt Prater runs as fast as he can to kick it over between the posts. That’s one point, or you can try and run over the line again for two points. If they don’t get the touchdown, they can just try a field goal if they are near enough, for three points.

There’s another score called a safety for two points, but to be honest I don’t get it at all, so leave me some time and we’ll come back to that.

In the meantime, here’s a BBC montage of Gangnam style celebrations in the National Football League. Nice change from throwing yourself in front of the home supporters, arms open like you’re a God. I’m talking about you, Christiano Ronaldo.


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