Why I’m blogging and not studying…


Taken from the Daily Prompt: Oasis. When I was young I always wanted to write fiction, my university application actually stated that I wanted to be a travel writer. Now, I sit in an office on a rainy Wednesday afternoon writing e-mails about nothing interesting. From the view from my office on the left here, you can see I’m living the dream.

Anyway, my Oasis is so many things, but really it’s writing, I’ve started so many blogs over the years, from weight loss, to job hunting, to coping with various problems in life – and never got past three or four posts!  I’ve had mega ideas for books or short stories, but the internet seems so saturated with competitions and peer posting websites that I just didn’t know where to start.

This blog is different, it’s like I’m not talking to myself, it’s not a motivational tool to help me lose weight or cope with XYZ problem. And as I’ve said before, I started this to help the man in my life enjoy his football without having to explain everything to me, in our own personal Oasis of our two-bedroom fourth-floor apartment, 15 minutes walk from the city centre, with a view across the outskirts of the city and beyond. And if I was studying this topic, I would be sitting at home talking to nobody – but by blogging I can have an interaction, I can immerse myself in this on-line world for a few minutes…

I hope it can be a way to find my imagination again.

When it all gets too much though, I can end up anywhere, I like repetitive exercise, I used to go on long bike rides, and then as I got older, long walks to discover the new areas I lived in. Pounding of footsteps with my iPod loud, before I know it I’ve walked for two hours and am miles away from home… So I keep walking until I find a bus stop.


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