Top Five Novelty NFL Christmas Presents

If like me you are starting to panic a little bit with Christmas shopping, I’ve come up with my top five novelty NFL gifts for any hardcore fan :

5.  NFL Monopoly

In the UK this will set you back about £90 on Amazon (  No customer reviews, neither on the US site, so what does that tell us? Instead of Chance and Community Chest you draw National and American cards, you buy the teams and the rest of the general rules of Monopoly. Not my favourite game, mainly because my Mom wins every time and I can’t be bothered anymore. But one for the board game geeks – if like me you’ve got about six or seven different editions, from Aston Villa to Barcelona streets, you might find a pang of “I kind of need that”.


4. NFL beach shoes


For the woman in your life? The Arizona Cardinals seem to want to bring the beach to you with these wedges, $65.99 (£40.90) from These look a bit hardcore for me though, a 4 inch heel and I’ve never been comfortable in wedges. Still, look forward to an all-year-round Summer in these shoes!


3. NFL Beer Cooler


Now this is actually a good idea from, selling at $55.99 (£34.70), you can keep up to 10 cans cool in here, perfect for a picnic, Sunday night game, or just a normal Tuesday morning if you live in the scabby flats at the back of ours. The blurb does say outdoor concerts, but you can’t really take your own beer in here in the UK, so stick to popping it down your pants there!



2. NFL Tape Measure

Who wants to spend $17.99 (£11.20) on a tape measure? It’s, that’s who! They really do sell it too : “You can measure with style and pride with this Officially Licensed 25′ Pittsburgh Steelers Tape Measure decorated with a hand crafted Pittsburgh Steelers Team Logo. This is a great gift for any Pittsburgh Steelers fan!” This puts me in mind of those Cath Kitson flower hammers…


1. NFL Keyboard


 How much do you need this?! Again,, for $69.99 (£43.40). I have several internal conflicts here, it’s a keyboard – I have a laptop, and it’s the Patriots – as my Daniel once said “Hate is a really strong word Katherincita, and I don’t hate anything, but I really hate the Patriots!”


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