Two games, one TV, computer, a million questions

So, we are watching the Packers at the Bears on the telly, and the Broncos at the Ravens on the computer. Here is how it normally goes, I’ll give you just my highlights from the first quarter, or else this post will be as long as the page! :

Pre-game build-up

  • Who are all those people there? In the middle?
  • What’s that thing in the middle? It looks like a car advert.
  • Who do we want to win on the telly? Green Bay?
  • I haven’t seen any Cheeseheads, what’s going on? Where do the away supporters sit? I guess they don’t really travel to the games much, here it’s what max 6 hours on a coach at about 50 quid? So where are we sitting when we go?

First Quarter

  • So on the computer it’s 9 minutes left in the first quarter, and on the telly it’s 6 minutes left, so on the telly they are running around a lot more, but Broncos are being stupid and dropping the ball all the time?
  • Who’s Joe Flacco? What’s wrong with him?
  • That’s J Cutler, he used to play for the Broncos, bastard!
  • Who’s Devin Hester? What’s he got on his face? Looks stupid…
  • Ooooohhhh, it’s going down!!

End of First Quarter Five minute talk in the studio that in the US stream is actually an ad break

  • So on we’ve got Fox on the telly, and CBS on the computer, how does that happen? Who decides who gets what game? So what happens when the National plays the American, who decides who screens it?
  • Why’s that first and ten thing a lot clearer on CBS than Fox?
  • What’s going on? First and ten? To who? The Ravens? Bastards.
  • Why have the referees got numbers?
  • What’s Peyton Manning got in his bumbag? Wouldn’t that hurt his bits?
  • wpid-2012-12-16-18-37-01.jpg

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