How to be a football widow, US stylee!

So today’s Daily Prompt is Guilty Pleasures. I don’t know what’s been wrong with some of my ex-boyfriends, none have really been that into Football, but growing up with a little brother and a Daddy, I was quite into it when I was younger. That’s my guilty pleasure, I shouldn’t like football but I do. Look at how much I’m enjoying Mexico vs Gabon at Coventry for the Olympics ::

Flag, shirts, beer, even a  gold medal at the end of it all (watched the final on the telly but still brilliant!). So,  we know how to do it in the UK, have your girlfriends round, watch X-Factor and drink wine until you fall off the chair.

What about in the US :

  1. Assimilate the the game – We’ll never quite understand the offside rule in football, and really there’s so much of the American we’ll never understand, when the quarterback falls down to score a point or a penalty or something, the point of cheerleaders, no idea.
  2. Learn the who’s who – we all grew up with Giggsy, Beckham, and Ooh Aah Cantona, but I have no idea who the hotties or the meanies are. All that matters in my house is Peyton Manning is great, every single Patriots player is a crock of shite. Booooooooooo the Patriots!
  3. Cook – look at the movies, what do the women do when the game’s on? Cook for their men! Pizza, cakes, casserole… Maybe not casserole, but even if it’s just arranging your spicy beef Monster Munch in a bowl.
  4. Learn the lingo – “¡Toma chango!” and “Ah, you bastards!” is the cry of our household. I believe you could also ask 6000 questions as per my previous post, however I don’t advise this if you’re not keen on having that second cry directed at you.
  5. Get cheerleading – another throwback to the movies, the Jock and the Cheerleader, not sure whether that still works once you go pro, but you could get your pom poms out and get pretending, who knows what might happen!
  6. Because the games are on so late here, my final piece of advice, grab yourself a hot chocolate, the latest 50 Shades*, and go to bed

* I need to point out I haven’t read this book. I tend not to see things, read things according to the hype.

Bonus tip number 7 – though I might regret putting up this photo from The Telegraph :


7 thoughts on “How to be a football widow, US stylee!

  1. I’m slowly trying to bring my wife around to enjoy the beautiful game (the real football), but usually she just ends up sitting on the couch with me and crocheting while I try to explain why what Giggs just did was brilliant, or why Rooney is the heart of the team, or why the RvP signing is like the Cantona signing, or… All those other football questions you had, I’m pretty much as clueless as you. Though, the wife’s family is from PA and I’ve found myself rooting for the Steelers in recent years.

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