Si se acabe el mundo – 2012

So, at 11h00 the world is supposed to end. While searching for anything NFL / 2012 related, all I could really find is this, broadcast by Chevrolet during the Super Bowl in February this year :


So in January 2012 I was in Mexico, we went to Chichen Itzá, and Tulum, and generally a lot of Mayan ruins. Like when I went to Barcelona, I was a bit Gaudí’d-out…  Well, really it reminds me of my New Years day last year, we’d had the grapes, speeches, salsa dancing, and wall-to-wall American football! Oh we were watching for about nine hours, three games, one after another, Cowboys then 49ers, then Broncos… I haven’t got many photos, because all we did was watch TV and go on a little bike ride.

Well, at 11h00 this morning I will be in the hairdressers, so as my Mexican Danielote told me this morning “at least you’ll go out in fashion!”.

no te preocupe se acabe el mundo
vente conmigo, que me voy pa` Mérida

Rafael Mérida Cruz-Lascano

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