How to survive the Jet Lag

I’m flying 12 hours on Friday, to go 6 hours behind, then on Saturday I fly 4 hours to go another two hours behind! Then on Sunday I have to be awake enough to watch the game…

So I searched the NHS website, because being the UK it’s virtually impossible to get an appointment so they offer a fantastic website of do-it-at-home remedies – so here are our combined tips to beat Jet Lag between the UK and the states.

  1.  If you are taking any medication that requires a strict timing, let your doctor know – if you can get an appointment of course!re
  2. Sleep, sleep, sleep! Although as it’s travelling West, so if you sleep on the plane you’ll be really awake at 21h00 at night! So, I will be Red Bulling it all the way on Friday. I guess try and sleep a bit on the plane, they usually have a lot of chick-flicks that you can just zone out too.
  3. Try and have a stop over, for example if you’re flying from London to San Francisco, stopping in New York for a few hours will help your brain adjust – and give you time to have a quick blitz on your face and re- do your eye-liner before the next bit. But you’ll need to start thinking about this early, if you’re booking your flights in August for example!
  4. Drink water – it’s so dehydrating in there, but they have little areas to get a drink and a biscuit, then if you’re really lucky they come round with ice lollies! I know you want to travel in style, but just avoid the alcohol, firstly it can upset your nervous system, so instead of calming you it will lessen your idea of control and you’ll end up terrified of every little bump.
  5. Buy an eye mask, I really like this one from Urban Outfitters, but I just can’t bring myself to buy it! Even if you’re not sleeping it’ll help block out the light, and those passengers that just love to talk you to death for two hours.fu
  6. Sleep if you need to. I was really awake during the day in Mexico, then crashed in the car on the way to Querétaro. If you’re going to a big city then chances are it’s just as lively early in the morning, so don’t worry too much about needing an early night sometimes!
  7. Keep out in the open, just being out in the daylight helps – it took me about three days and one mammoth sleep to get me back to normal.

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