Sky… vs BBC…

Let’s compare the presenting :

BBC2 : only deign the sport important at the Super Bowl Final

Sky Sports : every Sunday without fail, they are our mateys

BBC2 : Willie McGinest – former Patriot – you’ve lost us already

Sky Sports : Kevin Cadle – former basketball coach, err…





Still, who’s going to know what they are talking about? They guys that do it all the time, or Mark Chapman? Who they’ve wheeled out for one night only?

By the way, touchdown for the bastard Ravens. 49ers at First and Ten, quite far away from the endzone. Oh they’ve just completed  a pass to give them basically a First and Goal!* Let’s go go go!! Incomplete!** Field Goal to the 49ers, a bit panicky though.

*When you’re less than 10 yards from the endzone.

** You only get your yards if you actually catch it, that’s called a complete pass. If you drop it, it’s incomplete.

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