The Truth about the Super Bowl


Ok, so, I didn’t go to sleep at half-time, I stayed up until 02h30, I was just worried about being rubbish at work the next day.

So here is Beyoncé, touting her trade. Not really, she was good, I enjoyed the show and looks like the fans did too. She was a bit dirty though, high heels and a dominatrix style costume with an ounce of lace at the back – I guess to add a touch of old-fashioned femininity. I liked the outfit.

I did not like the moves. Given that it’s a family viewing prime-time slot, I think she could have toned it down a bit. But maybe she’d lose her style, maybe it was a compromise. She did a set where she danced with herself in computer graphics which was quite impressive, and of course, All The Single Ladies!

Then Kelly Rowland came out, we like Kelly Rowland, we liked her on X-Factor, she was like the voice of reason in the middle of Tulisa. Reuniting Destiny’s Child might not be purely Beyoncé’s doing, but I think it was a good call in what was essentially a bit of a dirty set, which in the stands you probably couldn’t see too closely.

As they said on Sky, they’ve played safe since the Janet Jackson incident, going for classic all-American acts, so this was probably a bit of a risk. As my first proper Super Bowl, I thought there would be more acts, like Beyoncé being the headliner.

Anyway, then the lights went out! They just stood around for ages, about half an hour – well the players stretched and we toyed with the idea of going to bed. The Ravens were getting proper annoyed, with good reason, because the 49ers came back and smashed it. They didn’t win, but it was damn close. They made an amazing comeback, with more touchdowns to lose 34-31. So close!

So, the Ravens, the joke-team in my opinion – won, again! And Ray Lewis, as much as I don’t like him for off-field behaviour, he looks well happy here! The Ravens are still bastards though. I think we nearly hate them more than the Patriots.


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