Shoulda Woulda Coulda – gone to the gym

So I’ve been a bit lax all round lately, blogging, the gym, eating well, not drinking too much. I guess part of this is just being busy – blink and the weekend is gone! So on Monday, I tried to go to the gym, I kind of stopped when I reached my goal weight in November 2011, dabbled a little bit last year, and Monday was the start of something new, all my old weight-loss was drawn a line, this is a brand new effort. We got there and it was closed! Bastards. And tonight I tried again, I got 10 minutes on the treadmill, I’m trying jogging this year – and the gym guys come round telling us to all ship out – 24-hours my arse! This is my gym (none of these people are me) :


Pure Gym Birmingham Broad Street


9 thoughts on “Shoulda Woulda Coulda – gone to the gym

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  3. I know the feeling, I drag myself to the gym on a semi-regular basis, though I should do more given that last summer I was down to 73.5kg and now I’m back up at 82kg – but I keep telling myself that’s a net 3kg loss year-on-year, so I’m still quids in. Plus I gave up smoking and I’ve been going through some depressing times so food and booze have been turned to.

    So… moral is – no matter what, going a little is still always better than not going at all, so don’t knock it 🙂 keep it up and look forward to seeing the new you on Saturday!! (we’re still on for that right? 😉

      • Well I’ll take a leisurely trundle, I’m coming the slow route (London Midland) so it’ll take half a day, and then leave later than I was planning so we can catch up properly and grab some dinner, I was thinking tapas down at La Tasca, I liked it last time, and a few drinks. Sound a plan? 😉

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