Glass Box

So, something stupid happened and I stopped blogging. Basically it all got really really busy at work, the NFL season ended, I found other things to do at 9pm on a Sunday evening, my car is broken, I turned 30 et cetera…

So this is my ultimate escape plan, out of this hole. So they moved me from my lovely window – at work. It all starts there. I don’t have a view anymore, no more daydreaming – I now have to sit and involve myself in office politics. My role there has changed beyond my expectations. This is the Glass Box – not from my desk, but from the ground floor looking up. It’s a pressure cooker and we are constantly being kept in the dark about the “bigger picture”.


So this is what happens : I get up from my desk, drive for a bit and talk to another company about it and they want me to join them instead! So that’s it. Good Bye Glass Box.

Ok, it’s not rocket science, or a massive quest for enlightenment, but it’s my escape. Today is T-15 days!


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