Why I can’t do Twitter…

I have a job. A full time Job. Simple as. Oh, and a life. How the bloody flipping hell am I supposed to keep up with messages aimed at nobody in particular, coming at me less than a minute at a time?


I tried following some NFL teams, I tried promoting my blog – to the six or so people I know on Twitter. I’m not saying I have no friends, I just think that maybe they are in the same frame of mind, who can be bothered with that? Maybe it’s an age thing? Or a time constraint? Or just a fad?

Why do we need this compulsion to document everything? I admit I caught facebook early, before they let just anyone in – my original network is University of Sheffield. But for the last two or three years I’ve been gradually pruning it all. Basically I keep you if ::

  • We are actually friends in real-life – we text, arrange to meet up, bump into each other on the street and actually have a reasonable conversation.
  • We are family – My sister, fair enough, we are stupid together! My sister-in-law, of course, three idiots together! My Mom – and I have to completely rethink all my settings so she doesn’t see the drunkard photos, stupid status updates that would make her worry, like “Aaaagh! The Engine Light is on in the car! (And has been for the last week! Oops!)”.
  • We go way back – not necessarily in good contact, but when we are it’s massive conversations that started out as a grown-up coffee then before you know it you’re in the most chavvy pub there is in Solihull (I mean you, Mason’s Arms) ordering Apple Sourz to remind you of the good-old-days!
  • You are a friend of a friend that I know I’ll see a lot – There’s always the possibility they’ll become your friends too!
  • You remind me of fantastic times – I still have about 5 people that I went on a Contiki Tour to Turkey with about four years ago, can’t stop looking your holiday photos.

I’m not going to bore you with the rest of my facebook habits. But Twitter, Instagram, MySpace – they all passed me by. I really thought I’d get back into it with the First and Ten Blog, and I’ve got so many friends telling me how good it is for industry updates, but I just can’t do it. Who on earth has the time and the will to read something inane, that isn’t even for you every 10 seconds?


Rant over, feel better. And just in the time taken to write this post, I have 12 new tweets waiting for me! Probably from the Cowboys, or the Steelers Cheerleaders, who haven’t even set eyes on this Blog…

2 thoughts on “Why I can’t do Twitter…

  1. Yep, even Facebook’s passed me by. I had a mug once, that said “I long for a simpler time, is that so bad?” or words to that effect and it broke. Sadness ensued. My dreams of simple village life, sat around an open fireplace in the kitchen, recounting stories to my friends, family and fellow villagefolk melted into nothing.

    Ooh, reading a good book on this exact subject called Digital Vertigo: How Today’s Online Social Revolution is Dividing, Diminishing and Disorienting Us. Granted, the title might give the particular bias away, but I’m of that bent anyway, and we do tend to seek out literature that confirms our beliefs than refutes them. I’d suggest it – well worth a read. Likens today’s situation to the Benthamite Panopticon – that is, the state of always being observable – and the Orwellian society. But whereas in Orwell’s vision, individuality was something to be avoided at all costs, suspicious and criminal in tendency, now it’s the surfeit of individual expression being moulded into sheep following herdlike into this abyss where all must be published online and nothing kept secret.

    As for me, I will be quite happy to sit, reading my books, on my own, for a few hours a week, cut off from the rest of society. And that’s all I have to say on that subject πŸ™‚

    How are you by the way? Might have to nip up to Brum for the day sometime soon!

  2. Oh and I got fed up with writing blog. I write diary, for myself, not for other people. πŸ™‚

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