Last Day At Work = T-7 days

occupational preoccupations.

Not that I’m excited, you know… But these last two weeks have been full of running around trying to wrap things up neatly ready for leaving and entering the big wide world of Export. Hold on, I’m already in Export! I’m on the manufacturing side, all I care about here is that containers leave factories on time and arrive with the customer on time. This will be new, the other side – I’ll be the middleman.

I have one week left, which I plan to tidy up my desk, my cupboards and my computer. I’ll also finish off any projects I need to sort out any issues that can be sorted out.

But why? Will they appreciate it? The girl taking over from me will, but will management? Will they look back and say “Yeah, Katherine did a good job of making sure she starts on a level playing field”? Of course not. It’s a peculiar company, maybe one day I’ll write about that, my lips must remain sealed at the moment – at least for 7 working days!

3 thoughts on “Last Day At Work = T-7 days

  1. Whoa! Good on you, I’m glad for you! Hope the new place is good to you!

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