On not being girly enough


I’m rubbish at being a girl sometimes. I can’t do anything more than a ponytail, I don’t experiment with makeup and different brushes and that. I never grew up with that as a priority. I try and get the bathroom spotless and end up crying in a heap as a failure to all womankind. Housework aside, this post is about appearance, and how my lack of awareness and fear of trying means I play it safe, every time.

This the best I can do, when I have to, it was a friends wedding last September, a cruise and buffet on the Thames. Curled with the wavers. I also wore this a variation of this for another friends 30th birthday in Cambridge, a random night out with the girls in Birmingham, dinner when my Mom met my Danielote’s parents… It covers a lot of options.

Long story short, I have a black tie dinner next Saturday, and I really don’t think I can rock this look in a 5-star London hotel.  So I got myself on YouTube, searched high and low for easy hairstyles – because let’s face it, even the simplest of styles is going to be more impressive than curling with the wavers. There are so many videos out there that show you how to do things in other people’s hair, then I found a great little channel, Luxy Hair :


Two sisters from Azerbaijan that moved to Canada, give really easy instructions for really easy styles, in such a beautiful accent.


I’m going for one of their easy ones, I spent about three hours this afternoon watching and playing with my hair, I did have to go out to the local Boots to buy supplies, but all in all, I’m going to go for one of their looks, the simple Easy Everyday Updo. Three hours of practice and I’ve nearly got it! That confirms it though, I am rubbish at being a girl sometimes. Put me at the football though and I feel too girly, maybe it’s a good balance. Or maybe I’m just me, my appearance is not my number one top priority, but I do like new clothes, I will keep going at my hair until I’m happy, and if my make up’s a bit off then I’ll take it off and start again.

Maybe it’s simplicity. I keep things simple, classic that I know looks acceptable and run with it. Cleaning the bathroom is not simple – I’m waiting on a Groupon for a cleaner.



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