Compromise: I Follow Sports Because He Follows Pinterest

So I like this post, it says a lot about why I’m blogging too. I can’t say I want to watch Britain’s Got Talent, but I certainly don’t want wall-to-wall football (we are even watching the Confederations Cup at the moment – which I hadn’t even heard of until this year).

Our compromise is that Daniel goes out and watches the football with his friends at the Walkabout, and I can stay in and catch up on Guides work, or pretend I remember what’s happening in Eastenders, or that I watch Made in Chelsea on a regular basis.

I think the lucky thing is that I used to go and watch the Villa with my Dad and sister when I was younger, so I’m quite happy to get my coat on and catch the train up to Villa Park. I think the Olympics helped too, the whole country got a sporting injection and there are so many more cyclists and rowers now than there was two years ago, and we all got interested in the lesser known sports like Shooting and Canoeing…

Anyway, I’m mainly happy to watch the football, and American football, and the Grand Prix :

Katherine – What other sports do you watch on telly?

Daniel – That’s the only thing they show here!

Katherine – What? What else would you watch?

Daniel – The Basketball! I’m going to sweep the floor

This conversation actually shows our compromise perfectly. We share the telly and we share the cooking and we share the housework.
But I’m doing this blog to try and learn more about American Football, who’s who, how to play, what the hell is going on…



Before I continue this article, I was told to make clear that pinterest also has good things for men too. Ross- “It’s not about the site, it’s about the actual content”

I know that we all have the idea of finding that one person out there that loves all the things we love. They wouldn’t change a thing about you. They want to do all the things you
want to do and watch all the things you want to watch. And at the end of each day you’ll skip off into the sunset in a field of white lilies hand and hand. Now I know it
sounds crazy, but it’s completely possible right?… WRONG, it’s crazy.
We all know that with all good things come some bad. So he may want to watch sports and you want to watch America’s got talent. You want to go for a walk by…

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