#Hernandezing – and other NFL memes

Well just when you thought the internet couldn’t get any weirder. Memes are a bit of a guilty pleasure, I can’t really be bothered with them but at the same time if I find a few on facebook and do a bit of clickey then no-one needs to know (except now, dammit!). Anyway, I found Buzzfeed a few months ago and haven’t really been concentrating until today. I found this :


So, here you will see my complete lack of knowledge of internet memes. Basically, some years ago when I had a lot more time on my hands at university – these things didn’t really exist, it was the early days of Bejewelled, Wikipedia, facebook hadn’t even really crossed the Atlantic.

Is it an American thing? Without getting into the background of why we do it, why we share it, why it’s funny, sad, cute, stupid or whatever – here are my Top Five NFL memes :

5. Tebowing – I’ve written about this before. So he has a little prayer before a play, on pitch, in the dressing room, wherever you can do it. He’s still doing it at the New York Jets too, and I’ll bet he’ll carry on now he’s signed for the Patriots. It created a wave of copy-cat photos all over the internet. I did a very quick search on google for tebowing, and to be honest everyone’s at it, babies, kids, students, office workers, naked ladies…

4. Kaepernicking – A bit more of a manly meme, so something brilliant, kiss your tat. Another quick search thankfully pulls up slightly better photos. Clearly less piss-taking on this meme, lots of kids giving it a go and it looks like you can buy tattoo sleeves to give you your own Kaepernick muscle – maybe that’s a bit far. Remember we went to the 49ers game at New Year, I just asked my Danielote if we saw Kaepernick, ie., whether we saw Kaepernicking, the reply : “I don’t know, we didn’t know what it was then!” This is how much of the football gossip reaches this side of the pond.

3. Lambeau Leap – So the Green Bay Packers do this little leap into the crowd to celebrate a touchdown. Lovely, getting the crowd involved, community spirit, appreciating their support – until you realise where this woman’s hand is!


[Image: JSCBi.jpg]2. Officials – Even these guys are in on the act. Piss-take central in every sport in every country. There’s a theme there. You never feel sorry for the Ref, and to be honest why would you in these outfits, the Summer Saturday boy at the local Footlocker that never left. Or of course, (Scottish accent) “Gladiatorrrr, Ready!”

1. Beyonce – We know that Beyonce was the half-time entertainment at the Super Bowl this year, but she actually danced like a drunk girl I once saw in Leicester that had a neon straw attached to her ear pretending to the Kylie. Result : the artist requests / orders that six photos be removed from the internet for being down-right unflattering – not before the cheeky internetters have got their hands on them!



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