British Summer finally arrives!


The British summer is here at last. Whoever would have thought that just three months ago it was still snowing! We will probably take advantage and do a road trip tomorrow, at the moment we’re thinking into Gloucestershire – Tewkesbury has a river, and looks very pretty on the internet. It’s not often that we go out of Birmingham at the weekends, so I’m really looking forward to this tomorrow.

When we first got together, my Danielote and I wrote a list of the places around the world that we wanted to visit. We missed out a lot of British destinations in favour of far-away experiences like Macchu Picchu and New Zealand. Now I’m not going to lie, I’ve grown up into a city chick through and through, we go to Barcelona, San Francisco, the megatroplis of Mexico City… A small market town in Gloucestershire is hardly high on my list of priorities, but this weekend is going to be so sunny it just seems daft to keep cooped up in the shadow of skyscrapers and office blocks.


One thought on “British Summer finally arrives!

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