Centre Court in Brindleyplace


Wimbledon Semi-Final, Murray vs Janovicz, Murray is at break point in the 4th set. If he wins it’s Djokovic in the final. The final again. Murray’s really grown on me since the Olympic gold medal, it’s like he finally realised he was British, and would probably win more friends here if he did keep insisting he was doing it for Scotland.

I still don’t like his Mom though, when that stupid Polish guy wanted the roof on and Murray was kicking off – we thought maybe his Mom made him practice in the dark. Classic pushy Mom. His girlfriend is English, but still cómo que se cree mucho.

Still Murray’s got way further in any tournament than Henman ever did, or Andrew Castle, the only commentator worth listening to is John McEnroe. I bet it’s Boris Becker in the studio, and Sue Barker. Sue Barker’s brilliant, cheeky but very professional.

A lovely atmosphere in Brindleyplace tonight, couples, parents with children young and old, everyone sitting together on the steps by the fountain, supporting Andy Murray. Pizza boxes and wine in plastic cups and beer cans and some clever bastard carrying martinis over from Bank.

And he’s won! Another final on Sunday, maybe this year’s the year 🙂


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