Commissioner Goodell & Jerry Jones Are Women Haters!


I am really angry about this, so I’m reposting. I am considering filing a discrimination law suit against the NFL and the Dallas Cowboys! As we prepare to be awed in our new AT&T Stadium, the Home of the Dallas Cowboys, where we hope they can stop drooping calls and passes this season! I get this email. The NFL completely markets and caters to men and are so incredibly discriminatory in their business, advertising and basic principles, yet I am still a NFL, Dallas Cowboy season ticket holder and a die hard fan. I am annoyed to say the least at this new level of discrimination. NO PURSES that are not clear. Men can stuff their saggin pockets and their cargo shorts, but some women do not use pockets because they are not very attractive and show bulges. So, Jerrah has agreed to get the following beautiful and very expensively-made…

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