My First Pozole

Unbelievable pride. That is exactly how I felt when I presented Daniel with a Mexican pozole I’d made myself. We know lots of couples that are different nationalities, French and Mexican, Portuguese and British. Another friend married into an Indian family, and we know how proud the Indians are about their food, she wouldn’t dare try and cook Indian for his family. My advice :

“Learn one dish and nail it.”

I’m not big on cooking with lots of ingredients like specific spices, or anything that takes a long time. I like to whip up a pasta salad in twenty minutes max, or chicken and rice with an easy chili sauce. Pozole was a challenge, lot of components and leaving the maize and pork to simmer for over an hour, not to mention an overnight soak.


It’s not a dish that you can easily find in the UK, London’s Wahaca does a version but that’s the only one I’ve found so far and even that was on the seasonal specials menu, and in fact it was a Thomasina Miers recipe I used. It’s Daniel’s favourite, the ultimate Mom-cooked comfort food. Shredded pork and hominy maize in an onion broth, topped with lettuce, radish and red onion, served with hard tacos, cream and cheese.

There’s not a lot of history about the actual dish available, just a speculation that once upon a time in Aztec Mexico the meat used was actually human after a ritual sacrifice, Nancy Lopez-McHugh at Honest Cooking explains it :


I wonder if Daniel knows this, and appreciates the blood sweat and tears that went into my first pozole. Ok, his actual answer just now was “Katherincita, you know back in the 80s, it was still human!”

I’ve offered to cook it again – soon – this is the dish I want to be able to cook.



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