The Colour of Mexico

I never knew colour until I went to Mexico. Even before I landed I’d fallen in love with the vibe and colour and bustle of Mexico City. From the plane you see towering advertising boards and neon lights and Christmas Trees twice as high as houses. You see the road moving so slowly, on Insurgentes, it’s a bright red and white light leading through the city. We came out of the airport, and Daniel took the ‘scenic route’ into a small village-like area in the centre of Mexico City, full of piñatas and streamers and little breeze-block houses painted all the colours. Then walking around the city, especially before Día de Reyes, there are street sellers with sweets, balloons, toys and everything imaginable. You stop at traffic lights and there’s a teenage duo juggling and acrobatics to brighten your day and earn a few little pesos.

And it doesn’t stop there, from the Torres de Satélite to the boats at Xochimilco, Mexico is colour and I love it.

Colours of Mexico

Colours of Mexico. Xochimilco, Queretaro, Chapultepec and Cancun

Written for Ailsa’s Weekly Travel Theme : Multicoloured

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