Maybe I should call the Police?

I have got no chuffing idea where the noise is coming from but please, building security, Police, please make it stop! That’s the beauty of living in a block of flats, you have near anonymity when it comes to a party, you can be screaming from the balcony at 3am, and the only way anyone can know it’s you is a vague call to Security “Hello, there’s a party on the first floor. I have to be awake in three hours to go to work.” Two hours later when Security do nothing, “Hello, shall I call the Police? I’m going to call the Police. Actually, no I’m going to get up because I have to get up for work in an hour anyway so I might as well just get up.” Then you spend the rest of they day seething through your half open eyes until you get home and glare at anyone you see in the lobby in case it was them.

Tonight we started with Caribbean reggae tunes coming from across the park at the back, one of the things I like about living here is the mix of cultures around. But we’ve now moved to thumping crappity crap that just goes right through you right to that part of the brain that gives you that horrible dull headache that won’t go away now for days. It must be an event, we can hear a compere between the thumping – but there’s nothing on google, even hidden on the eights of ninth page of searching I still can’t find anything about an illegal rave in North West Birmingham. It is 23h30 and I want to go to bed.

We moved out of our last flat because of this kind of noise, thumping through the ceiling from  5pm to 9pm every single night. In the end we broke the contract early because I was fed up of having to go out to get away from it. Here, yes it’s loud like tonight but it’s not every night – you get people partying on the balcony but it’s just one night. The baby next door screams in the morning but it’s not every morning. Sometimes we’re the noisy ones with whatever party we have, or if I’m cooking and need the music on loud.

Right now it’s nearly midnight, I have done everything I can – closed the windows, Match of the Day on loud, called Police. I want to be asleep!

I also think there should be a nationwide ban on subwoofers in flats. Ok for houses, not flats. There are too many neighbours, my heart sinks when I see people lugging them in and up the lift moving in. It’s always boys too, what makes them think that we all want to listen to their crappy umm-tsch umm-tsch anyway? One day these boys will be men (by boys I mean those in their early 20s) and they will want to go to sleep at a reasonable time, Saturday night will slowly become less important. You can go out Friday, you can have just a few quiet beers in the pub on a Saturday, it’s not compulsory to umm-tsch your way up Broad Street via the kebab-shop and then finish the party in your flat.

And calm, get an ice lolly – watch the Inbetweeners and try to forget about it.

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