Finchfield Autumn Festival – St Thomas Church

A good friend of mine is running an awesome little company, NWT Stuff. Part of this little company is dedicated to promoting foreign language and culture across Wolverhampton. NWT Languages runs language groups at the Light House Media Centre every Tuesday and Wednesday. It’s near enough to the train station to be very quick from Birmingham, and after five years of French and Spanish Meetups in Birmingham I know it’s going to be brilliant! So this week the group met at the Finchfield Autumn Festival in Wolverhampton, to promote the group to the community and to have a bit of fun speaking languages.

Languages Cafés and Meetups at The Light House, Wolverhampton

Languages Cafés and Meetups at The Light House, Wolverhampton

We were blessed with an unusually sunny day for October, and took full advantage of the good weather on the parade with other community associations and the RSPB (Royal Society for the Protection of Birds) whose volunteer actually turned out to be a French and German linguist too!

The event was also a fundraiser for the former St Thomas’ Church, which closed down about 16 years ago and has gradually fallen into neglect. The lovely lady that showed us round the tiny one room little chapel told us a little of the history, it was closed in 1997 for financial reasons and the fact that there are two larger churches nearby. On closing apparently the organist locked herself in the Organ Room in protest and all of the congregation were devastated during that Closure Mass. It was sold to developers and prohibited for use for worship, so the Community Association are trying to raise funds to turn the building into a multi-functional community centre for the village.

A group of locals have spent time hacking back the garden and painting over the graffiti inside, there’s still a rotten roof, huge cracks in the plaster, but it’s a really welcoming space on the inside, and you can really see its potential for community use – with a toilet and a little kitchenette, and that huge garden area, I can see a Guide group cooking on open fires outside already! I have put my name down to volunteer with the restoration, I might not live in Wolverhampton but I can still give my time – after nearly 15 years as a Brownie and Guide leader I’m pretty good at sweeping up at the end!


One thought on “Finchfield Autumn Festival – St Thomas Church

  1. I was involved with the Organisation of this event. It’s so refreshing to see that someone from outside the Finchfield Community was inspired to write this blog and offer to dedicate some of their time to our project. In People We Trust.

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