Where Do We Go Now?

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Where Do We Go Now?

Et Maintenant On Va Où ? : 2011, Nadine Labaki. Set and shot in Lebanon, the inhabitants of a small village share a communal TV and radio to learn of the violence that tears through in their country. Relations between Christians and Muslims deteriorate after various events, like the cross getting broken in the church, and farm animals wandering into the mosque. Things get worse and worse and the village women work together, coming up with schemes to stop the men fighting, finally hiring out some Ukranian dancers to distract their men while they carry out the rest of their plans. The Priest and the Imam helping them to keep the peace, until one boy is killed in cross-fire while running errands, and the village erupts.

The last straw is to use the drugs brought by the dancers to make cakes for the men, while the women locate and bury all the weapons in the village. In a beautiful twist, the men wake up from their stupor to find that their wives and sisters and mothers have swapped, Christians are Muslims and Muslims are Christians. The village unites to bury the poor boy, but where? The Christian graves are on the left and Muslim graves are on the right.

Ok, I should have mentioned about the spoiler there. It’s all in all, a comedy story of strong-willed women, living in harmony between themselves when the men of the village can’t. They even cover up Nassim’s death to keep peace in the village, the final scene is his funeral. So protective of the peaceful situation in the village, the women avoid contact with the outside world, burning newspapers and sabotaging the radios and televisions. You run through – willing the women to win their battle with no bloodshed.

** Note to self, watch more foreign films. I watch a lot of Spanish and French language, but hit a bit of a wall even in Italian or Portuguese. We happened upon this on LoveFilm, didn’t even know what language it was going to be in. We should do this more often.


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