Fiesta del Faro with NWT Languages

Another night at The Light House Media Centre in Wolverhampton for NWT Languages Spanish Speakers. Put on by the Spanish Speaking Meet Up, I really like The Light House. It’s a lovely café-bar with a small cinema and gallery attached, with a lovely big terrace completely covered from the elements, so nobody cared about last night’s rain when there was tapas and dancing and Spanish chatting available all night long. Well – for us – until the last train back to Birmingham. It was a bit Spain-orientated, but our friends had taken some photos of Mexico from my facebook pages, and a piñata painted the colours of the Spanish flag, but let’s not dwell on that – we had a lot of fun trying to persuade Dani, the Mexican expert to show them how it’s done.

There was a flamenco dancer, and her little helpers, then the songs-with-actions came out. I don’t know why in Hispanic cultures a lot of the songs have actions, but it’s just brilliant! We had the Macarena, La Bomba and El Matador. A really really lovely night.

Some photos from Lisa Rowley – member of the Meet Up.

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