Galletitas – Otro Attempt a la Domesticity Mexicana

I promised Daniel I’d make him a cake this weekend, so 15h00 Sunday comes and I haven’t done anything. I ask him to get me some general cake ingredients in Tesco, and then Daniel buying walnuts, and a message with TheFoodieCoupleBlog inspired me try and make the Mexican biscuits again. So this evening I got the recipe book out, and made Galletitas de Boda, I’ve made them before, at the Mexican Feast, so was looking forward to try and perfect them tonight.

Cream softened butter with sugar, and flour, add orange zest, walnuts and a splash of rum. Roll out and cut into little circles. Freeze for half an hour then bake for 20 minutes. Toss in icing sugar and allow to cool. Enjoy with cajeta, or dulce de leche, or maybe even jam would work. Just – YUM!

But then! We Skyped with Daniel’s parents, who showed me the Pan de Muerto they have ready for the end of this week. I haven’t tried bread yet, Mexico is famous for it’s sweet breads, this one is made and eaten for el Día de los Muertos. The decoration represents the bones of the dead, and in Oaxaca they also include a tear for the sorrows of the living. We will be going to the University of Birmingham’s Mexican Society Day of the Dead Party on Friday – as usual. It’s always a brilliant night, a costume-party with good music and great company.


5 thoughts on “Galletitas – Otro Attempt a la Domesticity Mexicana

  1. I had a quick look, my boyfriend makes a pretty good guacamole – to make it really Mexican you need to put a lot of coriander and lime juice. The horchata though I’ve never tried making, I might try your recipe next time I’m entertaining! 🙂

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