Running Update November

I really don’t think pork sausage sandwich and chips was a good idea with all the running I’m trying to do but when old friends come to town it’s the perfect excuse! So I started about three weeks ago, running and walking around the block. Then I mentioned to my friend that I’d started and she said “Get Dani to drop you off at mine, it’s 4km from mine to yours so we’ll do that!” Like an idiot I said OK, then started to have cold feet. I’d only done 2.5km, running and walking. Nothing continuous. She basically told me to get over it and I’ll be fine. So we went!

Before I'd worked out putting it into Metric

Before I’d worked out putting it into Metric

I did 3km non-stop and totally surprised myself! I don’t mean running like fast, just jogging at a nice pace. I walked the last 1km, then spent about 15 minutes stretching afterwards and just – felt – brilliant! That was the start of at least three times a week running. I’m starting slow, working it up because I’ve signed up to this 10K in March. It’s a bit scary but running like this makes it seem a bit more manageable, I can do the shorter ones during the week and longer ones at the weekend. Even without music it’s a brilliant opportunity to put the world at rights, how could I get promoted at work, what would I do if I bumped into various ex-boyfriends, what if I had moved to Spain like the original plan, or moved to France like they wanted, or if I was in charge of education, or a magazine, or everything else in the world.

Weekend Run

Weekend Run

The first long one I did on my own was this weekend, I did 4km on the canal, with a  two minute stop in the middle to make sure I was at the right bridge to turn round. It’s interesting the people you meet on the canal, from the young family enjoying an explore through the inner city canal walk, the old man walking his little dog, other runners far better than me, and the drunk man sitting on a bench at 11am. The only drawback on this route is that the inner-city canal work has a lot of locks, so a lot of up and downs and narrow tunnels and really breathy “ex-cuse-me-hhhhhhh!!!”. By the way, I’m calling this running instead of jogging with the hope to make me a bit more serious about it, to keep going through the Winter with the hope of cancelling my gym subscription come the Run in March.

Ooooooh YEAH!

Ooooooh YEAH!

This morning’s was a last minute option, because I’m off work for two days. This was a lot flatter, and country style because it was towards the university. Again I met the old man walking his dog, a lot of people on their way to work (one of whom was actually walking at the same pace I was running), cyclists, geese – but not the drunk man this time. Wooooo! Running Girl!

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