Prospero Año Nuevo 2014

It’s that time of year again, I’m off to Mexico and all the presents are bought and wrapped. I had a few more days left at work and still had to tidy the whole house. This year’s been manic busy, here’s a short list of what has made this 2013 the best year ever :

  1. Turned 30 years old – big party!
  2. Got a new job – so happy!
  3. Bought a brand new car – about time!
  4. My sister asked me to be witness at her wedding – honoured!
  5. Daniel got the permanent UK visa – best thing in the world!
  6. Got engaged – absolute best thing in the world!
  7. Bought a house – absolutely bloody best thing in the world!
Happy New Year!

Happy New Year in the Zócalo!

The New Year is normally a time for reflection and anticipation, in the UK you make new resolutions about what you want to do in the coming year. One nice thing about coming into contact with other cultures is that you see what they all do. In Mexico you eat grapes, on every bong of the bell, and you make 12 wishes for the coming year. In France you toast to what you want to happen that year, your hopes. So here are just a few of mine :

  1. That the actual move is not too stressful and that Daniel might concede to hiring a man-in-a-van
  2. That Aimee has the most wonderful wedding day, and honeymoon and rest of their lives together
  3. That I can get more experienced in my job, put myself forward for training and everything
  4. That my Mom continues to get happier, the last few months have been lovely and I hope it continues
  5. That I can plan our wedding with minimal stress, minimal convention and minimal money

Happy New Year to all!

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