Random Moments of Delight : Spanglish

I joined a new challenge, which kind of fits in with my New Year’s Resolution, my new outlook for 2014. I want to try and be more humble – which in a world full of status symbols is quite difficult. At the cheaper end of the status scale we have the ASBO, which says “I’m poor and proud and I got done for shouting at my neighbours because they called the police after asking me six times already to turn my massive telly down”, then at the more expensive end it’s limitless, Jimmy Choos, a luxury cruise, a Maserati… So I’ve decided to take part and share my little moments of happiness that come from nowhere, that don’t cost any money and that can make everyone smile.

So I was just browsing my computer for photos I could post for my first Random Moment of Delight and came across this. I generally save photos that I see on the internet that make me giggle, or I think I could use them on my blog. I’m not sure what website it’s from but it made me stop and think!

More Spanglish

More Spanglish

2 thoughts on “Random Moments of Delight : Spanglish

  1. That put a huge smile on my face! My husband is going to love it…
    Thank you so much for joining my challenge. And I’m glad to meet you. 🙂

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