#100happydays Days 1 – 6

Day 1 : My Guides have been badgering me for ages about Rock Climbing, so I finally booked it for after Easter. Couldn’t wait to give them the letter and see their faces light up!

Day 2 : Listening to the radio in the car, Danny Dyer’s version of “Selfie” by The Chainsmokers made my giggle all the way to work.

Day 3 : We’ve been in our flat 8 weeks, and finally have curtains in the bedroom. Waiting for payday, and finally getting a decent night’s sleep made me happy on Thursday morning!

Day 4 : I was invited to a Go Karting night with ex-colleagues from my old workplace. Lots of fun with familiar faces.

Day 5 : We never take advantage of the market in Birmingham, so we went and bought all our meat for the next three months, and saved loads of money doing it!

Day 6: The happiest day, knowing it is less than one year until the happiest day of our lives!


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