Legs like Treetrunks

I went for a run, around Bristol Street and the Ring Road. If I did it again I’d do it reverse, the long down-hill of the Middleway made me lose stride and I felt uncomfortable in my shoes. Since we moved house I’m looking for new routes that don’t involve too many main roads – where we lived before was so close to the canal it was ideal.

Not my photo, but City Centre running!

Not my photo, but City Centre running!

Last time I went running a friend of mine showed me how to work the app on my iPod, so I can now track my pace, distance and time. I must remember to make a proper playlist too, I was stuck with Adele followed by Lana Del Rey to start off with this time! Then Revolution by the Beatles kicked in and I picked up the pace. It probably really helped that I was running with Daniel too, seeing him run off 20 metres ahead made me a bit more motivated than running alone.

We did about 4.5km (just over 2.5 miles), and my Random Moment of Delight actually came at the end while stretching. Not because we stopped, but because I felt I could have carried on. My pace and technique aren’t fantastic, but I’m sure I’ve said before that I’ve always grown up thinking “I can’t run, not with these tree-trunk legs!” Apparently I can…


4 thoughts on “Legs like Treetrunks

  1. Awesome! Doesn’t it feel great when you finish but you realize you could have kept going? What a great feeling. Do you find it hard on your body to run on concrete or asphalt (city right?) or are your shoes super absorbers. I have to be careful not to have a hard impact with my hip, but grass seems perfect. I am up to two times around my park now, one running and the other speed walking. I’m wearing out the very chubby dog. 😉 Congrats on your run and RMoD. Thanks for joining in!

    • I don’t have any special running shoes, just my regular old trainers. The only time it gets tough on my ankles is running downhill, I’m not sure I could find a park with enough grass round here to try on there, that’s the domain of dog walkers and cricket and picnics 🙂

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