#100happydays Days 14 – 20

Day 14 – I went for a run – with my tree trunk legs – so the feeling of taking my shoes off afterwards was brilliant, followed by a hot shower. I really do need to get out there more.

Day 15 – My car was being repaired so I had to get the bus to work. I’ve often said I’d like to work in the city centre and walk through the hustle and bustle every morning, and on Tuesday I did – and found the trees at the Peace Gardens full of blossom!

Day 16 – We went for a little walk through town on Wednesday evening, to take photos that we’re hoping to use in our wedding. Here’s the library to show our lovely sunset walk through town!

Day 17 – Calming stressed girls down since the dawn of time. A calm chocolate moment at lunchtime during a very stressed day at work.

Day 18 – First day of the Bank Holiday weekend and we went to eat in the evening at a local Mexican place, Chilacas. They are finally getting the fact that Mexican is not just tacos and tequila, they now do Jarritas, and Guava is my absolute favourite so I was very happy to discover these in the UK.

Day 19 – The buttonhole flowers from my sister’s wedding. We had an invitation to see them in Nottingham for viewing the wedding and honeymoon pictures. Cue making biscuits and getting very excited!

Day 20 – The wedding photos, a lovely reminder of a beautiful day. My sister as per usual, messing with the technology until it’s perfect, nothing changes! A lovely lovely day of laughing and nostalgia.

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