#100happydays Days 42 – 48

Day 42 – A beautiful sunny day for a run! This is the actual view from our flat, a mix of city and green space, lovely!

Day 43 – This Mexican Lego man gives me a smile every time I do the washing up.

Day 44 – Longest run to date, 5.99km, felt brilliant because I thought the route I’d planned was only 4.5km so this was a really nice surprise!

Day 45 – That Great British institution, the pub quiz. We went with some friends to The Queen’s Arms in St Pauls, and were doing really well at half time, third out of 11 teams! The sports and TV rounds killed it for us though, we ended up 5th. Still, you can’t get much more British than getting worked up about answering questions to win a £20.00 booze voucher in a pub you only go in once a month if that!

Day 46 – Instead of a run we walked down to Harborne for a drink in the New Inn, on the way stopping in Marks and Spencer for Daniel to grab a quick sandwich – normally I would get something as well, but look at all these Percy Pig sweets I managed to not buy! Good start for the wedding diet.

Day 47 – The sun was shining again, and I pulled out one of my most summery t-shirts, this little gem from ¡Ay Guëy! in Mexico. Felt really colourful and ready for the Summer! And driving to Winchester for a Hen Weekend.

Day 48 – My friend’s Hen Weekend in Winchester, complete with spa treatments, champagne, hen games and blow-up sex doll! A lovely weekend with lovely people.


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