#100happydays Days 49 – 55

Day 49 – Daniel’s friend was coming to stay with us for a couple of days, so I had a massive house clean and tidy-up and treated myself to a bit of trashy telly afterwards.

Day 50 – Normally after Guides on a Tuesday I fall straight into bed, not this Tuesday! We had went out for a few quiet drinks in some of the new bars in town. This is Cherry Reds on John Bright Street, lovely for a quiet late-night beer.

Day 51 – Everyone was out of the house, I’d tidied up on Monday, so it was lovely to bask in the quiet sun in the flat.

Day 52 – Pyjamas. It’s true that introverts expend a lot of energy in socialising, I couldn’t wait for a night on our own again and relaxing in front of the TV in pyjamas.

Day 53 – So, we went to New York and basically ate everything, with all the burgers and beer and everything, I’d put on about 4kg in just 10 days, so how happy I was to find on Day 53 that I’d actually lost 2kg already!

Day 54 – Went to a friend’s barbecue, pudding was some beautiful cakes from a lovely bakery in Harborne, my moment of joy on Saturday was being told by my friend “you’ll thank me on your wedding day!”. I wasn’t allowed a cake but her words just made me laugh so much!

Day 55 – A big glass of water in the sun after another long run outside!


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