Pastelón – Caribbean Cooking

I’ve been dying to try this recipe since Christmas! My sister-in-law is from Dominican Republic and cooked this Pastelón de Plátanos Amarillos for Daniel’s parents a few days before we arrived. So while I only tried the left-overs, it was heavenly! Here our idea of Caribbean cooking is spicy Jamaican with peri peri and chicken and goat and pork – big punchy flavours – but the essence of cocina dominicana seems more delicate, balance and contra-balance, a mix of Spanish, African and indigenous dishes.

The pastelón basically a banana lasagna or even a beef sponge-cake, cook your beef with onion, peppers and tomatoes, mash your plantains and fit it together like a sweet and savoury lasagna that really surprises your taste buds. Being fairly easy to make, it’s perfect dinner-party food. On Friday the weather was beautiful so, channelling my inner Latina, we had some European friends round to enjoy Pimms and pâté on the balcony, followed by pastelón and Cuban dominoes.

2014-07-18-17-15-12 - Copy

Pastelón de Plátanos Amarillos

My recipe comes from Cocina Dominicana, ¡muchísimas gracias! And this post is written for Fiesta Friday.


11 thoughts on “Pastelón – Caribbean Cooking

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  2. This is such an interesting dish – and not the usual Caribbean fare at all. Glad to have another use for plantains than just frying them – which are delicious too of course. Thanks for bringing it to the party.

    • Thank you, yes all the times in the past I’ve made something with plantain it’s been fried and matched with some spicy chillies. In this there is no chilli at all, just yum!

    • Thank you, I love anything that’s a little bit different, I’m quite into Polish food at the moment too, always wandering through the World Food at the supermarket but always drawn to the interesting jars of God-knows-what-but-let’s-try-it-anyway!

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