First Thoughts on the New Guide Uniform

This week GirlGuidingUK brought out a new uniform design. What’s your first thought when you think about Girl Guides? Girls in smart blue shirts helping the community?  Now fast-forward that to 2014, this is what we have :

Polo-shirt with hoodie and skirt

Admittedly I prefer the colour of this than the previous uniform, I like the bright colours and let’s be honest, you’d see your Guides in a crowd now, but it’s the way the uniform is going in general that bothers me. It’s too casual, such a far cry from the smart blouses of the 1970s. It seems that we are going more towards comfort and away from what makes the Guide Association a respected organisation. I like the colours, but then I am 31 – I live in a different time to the teenage girls of today. These colours remind me of clothes I had in the mid 1990s, so I can understand the comments coming out on facebook :


Facebook reaction

There’s just nothing recognisable that makes us Guides anymore. The logo is hidden away on the sleeve, and I can’t even see a trefoil on there. Compared to the Scouts I really think that Guides look sloppy, there are too many options that look so different that you can have one Guide in a white striped polo-shirt, one in a navy blue polo-shirt and one in a mid-blue round-neck t-shirt. Then one girl in blue jeans, one in black leggings, one in pink shorts… Where’s the uniformity in this uniform? I remember the original marketing of this incarnation, the mix-and-match, the fact that girls could wear it outside of Guiding and it could blend with your normal clothes. Apparently girls didn’t want to have all that branding, but without the branding I fail to see how they can be recognised in a world that still associates them with blue shirts and neckerchiefs.

A new skirt and a dress is a good idea, and would appear to be more formal, but it’s only an option as far as I can see. The fabric on that long-sleeved top looks too clingy and I can’t imagine it keeping its shape well in the wash. That high neck-line isn’t going to be flattering on the busty girls either, the model they use isn’t pulling it off very well either. Who do GirlGuidingUK consult for these changes? It can’t be the girls or the leaders, else we’d have ended with something more practical and recognisable.

My thought :: Poor show.


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