Calm Caribbean Seas

The good thing about blogging is the possibility to schedule posts. You can have an argument with yourself, or moan about the government and the state of the world, or just simply let off steam about the petty things in life. Then you schedule the post for a month’s time and rewrite when you’re feeling a bit calmer – lovely! But what about the times when you let off steam and press publish, then feel the wrath of your readers? There must be other ways to calm yourself down and heal your broken little soul. Here are five of mine :

  1. A nice long walk – Living in the city centre there’s no limit to the amount of people watching I can do. Alternatively I can take a walk on the Calthorpe Estate and pretend I’m in the countryside. Walking without music leaves you open to conversations, birdsong, traffic noise which can really take the mind far away from any bad feelings. A few weeks ago I did an enormous walk, about 5 miles around the city centre, zigzagging around the streets taking in all the sites, forgetting all my troubles and enjoying the fresh air.
  2. Singing at the top of your voice – Music is the food of the Soul, so having a dance round the living room to Shakira might just do it. I don’t pretend to be an opera singer, or Beyoncé, just having a sing-song to a real eclectic mix in all languages, making up the words and having a dance around to everything from britpop to Lorde to metal to nineties pop classics and Mano Negra – any songs that remind me of the good times with good people.
  3. A glass of ice cold water – Really refreshing, cleansing. Maybe that’s all the crappy hype about the #icebucketchallenge, it refreshes your awareness and does something to your brain to refine your thinking. I always find myself more energised, and alert, and ready to tackle whatever is going on in the big picture.
  4. Malteasers – Only 187 calories so among the nicest of the chocolates to lose yourself and make you feel better about the horrible world out there. It’s widely known that chocolate contains something that triggers the happy hormone in your brain, and just this little bit is perfect to recharge before facing it all again.
  5. Have a sleep – This is best done once actually calm, obviously. Although things always seem about a hundred times worse in those few minutes between turning the light off and falling asleep ,they really will feel a hundred times better in the morning. Tomorrow is a new day and it’s sunny so enjoy it!

Feeling calm in the Caribbean…


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