#100happydays Days 28 – 34

Day 28 – A lovely sit down in Gran Electrica in Brooklyn after a long but beautiful walk by the sea. Food was lovely but it was the sit down that really made me happy!

Day 29 – The Staten Island Ferry is free, and a lovely way to see the city skyline and the Statue of Liberty from up close. I was happy that it was free!

Day 30 – You already know that I’m rubbish with my hair, but today I managed to wear it in plaits, and they stayed in for most of the day!

Day 31 – We move on to New Haven, so as I throw my Subway ticket away, I remember how lively it was. There were always people bustling about, and remembering the previous day where at 34th Street Station I was watching a boy solve a Rubiks Cube at lightening speed while a busker played The Beatles Here Comes The Sun while the rain pounded the streets above.

Day 32 – Finally a sunny day! Perfect to explore Yale University. After the previous day’s pouring rain it was wonderful to have a walk around in the sun.

Day 33 – This was the wedding of one of Daniel’s friends to his beautiful American fiancée. Daniel did the Best Man’s speech and absolutely nailed it! Every day he makes me so happy but after that I couldn’t stop smiling.

Day 34 – A last look at Nueva Yorkcito before getting on the plane home. I’ve spoken so much more Spanish than English, and although the US is an English speaking country I’ve actually never visited it with English natives. For me I associate it only with speaking Spanish, and that much practice has made me very happy indeed.