#100happydays Days 21 – 27

Have been on my holibobs the last couple of weeks, so here is what I wasn’t able to upload for the last two Sundays :

Day 21 – Getting ready for holidays, spent hours one evening researching things to do in New York. Well anticipation is most of the excitement of holidays, so I was very happy to start looking at what we were going to to there.

Day 22 – Broke a nail opening a tin of tuna. Started bitching about it because we were going on holiday two days later, and needed my nails in tact to be able to paint them for the wedding in Connecticut. Daniel just said “But uñitas are still lovely!”, he’s always on hand to make me feel happier before I get too upset about these things.

Day 23 – Planning meeting for Guides and Brownies, the first official one since the Brownies started, we spent four hours giggling and planning and remembering how much I love being a Guide Leader!

Day 24 – Procrastination, but this lemonade at Madeleine, having a coffee and a chat with my Mom was lovely, then running home to pack my ass off.

Day 25 – Our New York home. I think what I was really happy about here was the fact that the apartment had wifi! But this is our Mirrorball Bed, a cute little studio apartment that was home for six nights, three suitcases, eight deli sandwiches, and three hangovers.

Day 26 – An ice cream at the Rockefeller Centre, enjoying the site-seeing, and we managed to talk about our wedding without a mysterious “Wedding Headache” Daniel. Just wonderful to watch the world go by before going up to the Observation Deck for a beautiful view out.

Day 27 – A real American diner, just like in the movies! A toasted grilled cheese sandwich with sweet potato fries. The start of the slippery slope to putting on about 10lbs while away, but it was delicious! – Square Diner in the Tribeca, NYC♥NYC has more information.